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  Thus, the freerolls are an opportunity for players to build a bankroll without spending a euro. However, obtaining consistent results in freerolls require to stick to a minimum of discipline and respect some basic principles of strategy. I am first a player limit holdem, but during my first steps in the world of online poker freerolls me allowed me to be a sufficient bankroll to play small limits. Even for those who play in real money to small limits like $ 1 / $ 2, freerolls are very attractive. Indeed, win $ 30 in free tournament which lasts three hours is still very acceptable. ** It is now relatively easy freerolls participating in three or four sites to earn about $ 150 per month. This sum will seem ridiculous to some, but it is very useful for players who start as for those who play small limits up to $ 1 / $ 2. All freerolls are not equal. Indeed, if some sites, such as Royal Vegas Poker offers freerolls with $ 1,000 dollars prize pool, they can at the same time more than 10,000 players to participate, making it difficult to obtain consistent results against such number of players. Should therefore focus primarily freerolls which the number of players is limited to 200 or 400 players like PokerStars is the only site entirely in French. ** * Finally, after a few freerolls satisfactory results, even if the bankroll (accumulated capital) consists of only a few hundred dollars, it is important to focus on almost freerolls. Quasi-freerolls are tournaments with a very low buy-in (registration fee) that varies between a few cents to $ 10 and a minimum prize pool often guaranteed by the poker room. The advantage of these tournaments is the low number of players involved. Above schedules freerolls most attractive. (Schedules are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change). It should be noted that in most cases registration begins several hours before the tournament.

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